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The resume you make for apping is a lot different from the other types of resumes for jobs etc. There are lots of sources that cater to resume making. But I can give an overall layout for resume:
  1. Name and contact details, including phone number, email address and website.
  2. Education: Here you have to give your cumulative GPA/percentage. No need to give semester-wise details.You can even skip your 12th/10th results (but you can consider putting it in case you have exceptional results and may be state rank etc)
  3. Publications, if any
  4. Work Experience, if any / Internships.
  5. Projects, starting with final year projects
  6. Term projects (this can be combined with the above heading if required)
  7. Relevant Courses.
  8. Skills
  9. Awards/Recognitions/Scholarships obtained
  10. Relevant Courses
  11. Extra-curricular activities (not needed at all)
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