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It helps to upload your documents in a website and give that link in your resume or even in statement of purpose. There are many websites which allow you to host your webpages. Some of the good ones ones are:
  • Google pages at [Free, 100MB limit, Best!]
  • Geocities (Free, annoying ads on the right)
  • Officelive (Free, but requires an US credit card to register. The beta version is free but later on they might charge)
  • Tripod (free)
  • Domaindlx (free, ads at the bottom)
Google pages and Officelive allow you to edit your pages, so its pretty easy to make webpages out there. In case you don't like the themes, you can upload your own pages in googlepages (say you upload index.html, resume.html etc, then you can give your website link as

The least would be to just upload your resume in pdf and put its link in places like email correspondences.

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