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You need money, a lot of it, to study in US. It is very difficult to survive in the USA entirely with the money your parents give you. So its required that you have to look out for some financial aid.
There are many sources of money while studying in an university:
  • University Scholarships: There are three types of funding which your university might be able to offer you. And they are enough for your expenses. First is the Fellowship which is offered to exceptional students. It has a very good pay and all you need to do is to study. The next is the Research Assistantship wherein you have to do research under a professor for which you are paid a handsome amount. The third is the Teaching Assistantship for which you have to tutor students.
  • Outside Scholarships : These may include Fullbright scholarship etc. These are typically difficult to obtain.
  • Part-time working: Many students do tend to work part time in say the university or outside. The money earned will only help you reduce your costs.
Do you know? California is a very costly place compared to other places. For example room rents might go upto $300 in a place like Los Angeles (in California) whereas your entire expenditure in Texas might be about $300!

If you are applying for a PhD, obtaining a scholarship is easy. But it requires a solid profile to get a PhD admit.

Its also possible to get a loan from some bank which can pay part of your expenses.

Do you know? There are two deadlines for universities. The earlier one considers you for scholarship and the next one would consider you for an admit without scholarship. So apply before the first deadline.

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