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Applying to US Universities has been shortened into the term 'apping' and also to 'app'. Apping is a lengthy and painstaking process, and requires diligence. Let this not be a deter your decision to app.

This site is made to provide as much as information as possible. As I applied to MS/PhD program, everything mentioned here would be towards MS/PhD. Applying to MS is basically the same, except that you will spend only 2 years in US as compared to MS/PhD who have to spend a minimum of 4 years (which stretches to 6 or 7, unfortunately).
Hence, before you embark upon this long-journey, I would like to address a few questions:

Why App?
Bachelor's degree is of no use! After few years of work, you will really feel the need to get a Master's degree. This is because, after reaching a level, there won't be much growth for someone with a Bachelor degree. Master's degree holders are supposed to have more skill-set and hence they get bigger responsibilities and bigger pay. Hence its of utmost importance that you get a Master's degree (either MS or MBA). Further, MS is an easy way to get into USA. [but I would urge you all to come back to India and contribute to its development :) ]

What are the benefits of doing MS?
There are lots. If you are in a fix whether to choose for MS or MBA, then go for what your interests say. If you want money, plenty of money, and you are interested in knowing about Finance, Economics etc. then MBA is your right choice. But if you are interested in technology, then MS is the right choice. (If you are not interested in doing both, go for job and you will identify your interest after some years of work experience).

MS or PhD?
You can do a PhD after you complete your MS or you can do a PhD alongside MS (MS/PhD or MS+PhD). The advantage in the latter case is that the number of years is reduced. If you are very much passionate about research then go ahead and apply for MS/PhD (note that you need a solid research background in your Bachelor's degree before you can apply to MS/PhD).
Generally you won't get scholarship for MS but you get scholarship easily if you are applying to MS/PhD.
PhD has its own ups and downs. While on a day you will want to break your head for the problem which wouldn't get solved for months, on a different day you will cry with joy for a new method you devised. Sometimes you might want to run away from the university but sometimes you will feel you made the right choice. And by the time you are in the middle of your PhD (and you look forward some more years of stay), your friend Tom might be earning a lot. Its all about job satisfaction, to do what you want. There will always be difficulties before you get what you want.

How costly is this affair?
Huh, very costly.
GRE would cost you $170, TOEFL about $160. To report the scores to the universities, you need to pay more. For TOEFL each extra university takes up $17 and for GRE you have to pay $6 as a processing fee and then $15 for each university. So don't forget to utilize the chance of free score reporting at the end of GRE exam and during TOEFL registration.
Further, each university charges about $70 on the average (eg: Princeton $65, Stanford $105, Rice $40).
Then you have the courier cost of sending your transcript and other materials to the universities. Those cost about Rs1000 (with student discount, FedEx might cost Rs1500).
So depending on the number of universities you apply, you can find out your cost.

How lengthy is the process?
Its a lengthy and tedious process. You have to spend lots of time for making your resume, for Statement of Purpose, selecting the universities and contacting professors in those if required, making a website and uploading your material, go through each of the university website and figure out the nuances of what to send, where to send, what all extra information is required etc.
Afterall, no pain - no gain! Don't be scared, the life after graduate studies will be great. A PhD means you are THE expert in your field and you will get a respect.

Next : Find out how to make a website, to help you in apping.

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